Other Interests

Besides my interest in cardiovascular epidemiology, I am also interested in several other topics which are only loosely, if anything, related to this topic. Below some of this topics are described.

Causality Blog The causality blog of the focus group of the Dutch Society of Epidemiology was started as a digital repository of anything digital related to causal inference in epidemiology. Blog posts include announcements for meetings, seminars and courses. The blog also features a journal club section with suggestions for a local journal that wants to focus on causal inference. Please visit this great blog!

– update: I suspended my activities for this blog with my move to Germany. I hope to catch up sometime soon.


Scientific integrity  Recently, several cases of scientific misconduct triggered my attention. Is it caused by the ‘constant pressure of publish or perish’, or are they just a couple of incidents not indicative of a crisis within the scientific community?

Together with the vereniging voor arts onderzoekers (PhD committee at the LUMC) I organised a meeting exploring the wide range of scientific misconduct in order to raise awareness under PhD-students. An article in the LUMC magazine Cicero describes this inspiring meeting (pdf). A group of medical students are busy with the organisation of a couple of meetings to raise awareness under undergraduates. please also refer to the site of the KNAW on this topic with the report of cie Schuyt (pdf). I wrote a small column for the Epistel, the newsletter of the VVE commenting on the report of cie Schuyt.(pdf) A small letter on this subject by me was published in the NRC in 2010.

More recently, i joined forces with some researchers from the Berlin academic community. There are some major changes about to happen including a focus that goes beyond scientific integrity, but also scientific literacy and competence. In short meta-research. More on this very soon(ish).