Preprints, sometimes referred to as working papers, are a pre-peer review version of academic papers that are uploaded to a so-called preprint server. MedRxiv, the preprint server for the medical sciences, was launched at the begin of summer 2019. I will try to post preprints of all my papers – but as clinical epidemiology is a team effort, and medicine is slow to adopt new ways of doing science, I am afraid that not all my work will end up on this list.


  • Coagulation factor XII, XI, and VIII activity levels and secondary events after first ischemic stroke. medRxiv
  • Confounding adjustment performance of ordinal analysis methods in stroke studies. medRxiv
  • Disease overarching mechanisms that explain and predict outcome of patients with high cardiovascular risk: rationale and design of the Berlin Long-term Observation of Vascular Events (BeLOVE) study medRxiv
  • Results dissemination from clinical trials conducted at German university medical centres was delayed and incomplete. bioRxiv / final publication