// CTTM2017

This page contains the different material needed for the module “Critical Thinking in Translational Medicine” at Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin Oct 2017 / Feb 2017. This course is designed for master students from two different preclinical research masters, a group that I love to teach given my previous experiences with students from these type of master programs.

Please download this zip file to obtain (click here for a dropbox download)

  • the syllabus
  • an overview of the extra assignments (extra assignment table)
  • all required reading / articles etc

Presentations etc. will be made available online after the meetings.

topic 1 research methodology  pdf
topic 2 good scientific practice  pdf
topic 3 statistics  pdf
topic 4 replication
topic 5 publishing
topic 6 bad pharma
topic 7 hypes in science
topic 8 of mice and men
topic 9 women in science
topic 10 tools in translational science
topic 11 peer evaluation

NA indicates that no slides were used for this topic.