Contact and directions

// video meeting

If we planned a video meeting, you could join me here: Web based and without log in for computer. Mobile devices require their free app, but still no account needed.

// office meeting

I am located at Charité Campus Mitte, which is located just next to the Main train station of Berlin. Please check google maps to find your bearings. Once  you are on campus, please use the map below

My office can be found  at Virchow weg 23 on the 5th floor: take the elevator up, turn left, through the swinging doors, 3 steps down, encounter closed doors, ring the bell, ask for Bob (Room 5.24, last room on your left side – metal door, often open)

You can also access the same building through the entrance of Invalidenstrasse 80. If you do so, follow the signs of the BIH Clinical Research Unit (go left the moment you enter the building) and walk down the hallway until you find an elevator on your right hand side. that elevator is the same elevator as you would take if you would be entering from Virchow weg 23.

On mondays, I work of campus.

// telephone call

Just dial the number below for my office phone. If I am not there, you are out of luck. You can always send me a fax (yes, you read that right, a fax. This is

Germany, and the Germans do like their fax machines!).

// Picking up something?

If I told you to pick something up at my desk, try looking in my pigeon hole (postfach), which can be found on the same floor as my office (Room 5.16).

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