Shiny apps

Some projects benefit from nifty interactive visualizations. Below some examples

The power of replication

We have discussed the power of replication studies in a PLOS Biology paper. If all things kept equal, a replication of a “just significant” results doesn’t really say that much, as it is almost like flipping a coin. Want to know more? Read the paper, or explore the power of replication in this shiny app.

Complete and timely publication of trial results

Results of trials are only useful if you are going to share them with the rest of the world. For whatever reason, this is not always done. But how often do researchers fail to do so? We looked at Trials in Germany and were able to make a list of those who perform quite well, and those who really stink. The issue is that it highly depends on some of the definitions (what is timely, what is a publication), so to fully grasp the details, read the paper and subsequently explore the results yourself in this shiny app.