Competing interest / disclosures

// Research support

  • I was supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research through the overall grant that supports the Center for Stroke research in Berlin (BMBF 01 EO 08 01), in terms of salary for me and my team as well as ~300K for additional projects (2015-2018). My current position is directly funded by the University (2015-2023).
  • The LUF/den Dulk Moermansfund, a non commercial funding agency helped fund the RATIO follow-up studies. (11 K)
  • I am co-investigator of the BeLOVE project, which is supported by the Berlin Institute of Health through funding of a pilot phase that is focussed on building up the infrastructure at different locations in Berlin needed for the full study (capped at 500K, non competitive)
  • The BSPATIAL stroke registry is mainly founded through BMBF funding obtained by co-PI HA for the analyses on the effectiveness of the STEMO approach.


// Ties to industry

  • I worked on a project where we studied the usefulness of app based complex data collection together with the company Roboticbit.  This company was paid as an independent contractor to further develop their app, which we could use for free, to the individual requirements for the project. This project is stopped as of 1.5.2016.


// Travel 2015-2018

  • The university of Leiden (faculty of law)  paid 2 one day trips with overnight stay so that I could participate in a conference and workshop on the role of epidemiological concepts in tort law  (January and March 2015).
  • The ECTH, a conference for which i am on the Junior Advisory board, paid a trip several trips (Leiden, Marseille, Milan) so that I could participate in a meeting to help organise the upcoming 2018 edition of this meeting.
  • The university of Gothenburg paid for a one day trip to their university to discuss potential future collaborations.
  • The  Maastricht Consensus Conference on Thrombosis in february 2019 has invited me as a speaker, for which they will reimburse my travel, board, dinner etc.


Otherwise, I have no other matters to disclose, including employment, consultancies, stock-ownership, honoraria, and paid expert testimony.