During 4-5 years I worked on my thesis. Some say a thesis is your Magnus Opus, some say it is a reflection of your capabilities as a researcher and some say it is merely work… For me, it is a little bit of all three tings. Though I know that my thesis doesn’t fully reflect my capabilities as a researcher (I’ve learned so much more!), I am very proud of what my co-workers and I have achieved in last couple of years. Ultimately, our work has resulted in a nice collection of papers, all combined under the title

Prothrombotic factors and the risk of myocardial infarction and ischaemic stroke in young women; differences, similarities and implications”

The public defense was held on feb 5th 2013, and I was surpised to learn that I passed with honor. A digital copy of my thesis can be found here. A ‘ready-to-print’ Dutch Summary can also be downloaded here (pdf)