Some of our research hits the media, some of which you can find below:

11 march 2013 
I was interviewed by the LUMC magazine Cicero with regard to my Phd thesis and defense. The article can be found here (pdf)

29 january 2013 
The Masterclass Clinical Research and Epidemiology also got some attention in the LUMC magazine Cicero. The article can be found here (pdf)

18 december 2012
The Masterclass Clinical Research and Epidemiology also got some attention in the last electronic newletter of the University Leiden. The article can be found here.

26 november 2012
I was interviewed on the local radio station of Noordwijk,, on our Masterclass Clinical Research and Epidemiology. The interview started of a bit slow due to my inexperience, but it turned out okay eventually.

You can listen to the interview here.

15 & 25 nov 2012
Our research on the relationship between coffee consumption and the risk of deep venous thrombosis, published in JTH, has been picked up by the university newspaper Mare. Not completely a new observation, but our explanation is: the effect seems to be mediated by coagulation factor VIII. All credits go to Rachel (first author) and Willem (senior author) for doing a great job on conveying the nuance! – update: the Mare ran an English, shorter version of the story just a week later in the international section of the newspaper  –

30 october 2012
Our research on the injury pattern, morbidity and mortality amongst 33000+ motorised two-wheel vehicle crash victims was published in the journal of trauma. This didn’t really caught the attention, but when a Dutch summary article was published in the NTVG (Dutch Journal of Medicine) two major newspaper reported our results and even asked the question whether new legislation is needed to enforce helmet use on light mopeds. The current research should not be the sole evidence to enforce such a new law: we only have data on hospitalised patients making it impossible to infer absolute risks,  and draw strong conclusions on helmet use. Besides these printed articles, Alexander Leijdesdorff (first author) was also interviewed by local and national radio stations (radio Gelderland, radio5) in which there was more room for some nuance. The same nuance was also present in the  interview of prof Schipper (senior author) in the university newspaper Mare in Dutch and a week later in English.

3 dec 2011
I published a small letter in the NRC responding to the cases of scientific misconduct by Diederik Stapel and Don Poldermans. There was a article by prof Lubsen in which he discussed the possibilities and strategies to prevent future cases. I responded that young researchers are the key: they should be trained in a open scientific community in which being open to questions is critical. When all PhD-students are appointed to two or more research groups, an open and critical research community without room for scientific misconduct might be the result.

31 jan 2009
The LUMC magazine Cicero published an article discussing the first edition of the Masterclass Clinical Research and Epidemiology. Not only was that a great boost for the team of teachers, it provided us with the mouth-to-mouth promotion needed to make such an initiative a success. And a success it is: Since the first time in the late fall of 2008 we’ve organised it every year!