Thesis can now be downloaded without password

Omslag proefschrift Siegerink

For a long time there was a password needed to access my thesis. There where two reasons: some elements where not yet published in peer-reviewed journal, and some elements where not only to be published on my own website. This is because some journals only allow publication of your own work after some time passed since publication.

A couple of things have changed that have led me to remove the password lock: a lot of time has passed and if that amount of time is not enough I don’t care anymore. That sounds perhaps bad ass, but of course it isn’t – especially since most ideas have been published already. It is a mere results of some slight changes that I went through over the last couple of months regarding publishing and the relationship between authors and journals.Do not be surprised if I will make some remarks to these changes when i provides some more updates on this blog.


Mendeley bought by elsevier – good or bad?

(image via litroost)

I use Mendeley (paid subscription) to keep track of my literature and as a reference manager etc. I even use it as my main method to share my publication on the internet (see also my personal Mendeley profile) I like it. I like it a lot. Sure, there were some hiccups, it being  start-up and all, but I like the idea: share with colleagues all the papers and your comments on them you need to write that paper. But now Mendeley has been bought by Elsevier, which is not really known for its friendly attitude towards the whole idea of sharing scientific articles. More about this Elsevier-Mendeley buying operation can be read in this column of the New Yorker. So what to do? cancel my subscription as a sign to the folks at Elsevier? Well, the guys from Mendeley promised that all will be all right (it will even get better!) and that the great adventure of sharing your literature and results will not be harmed with the acquisition, so perhaps canceling my subscription might be to fast. Let’s wait and see…