Conference season 2015: ESOC in Glasgow


Conference season just had its first kick off with the new ESOC, the new conference by the European Stroke Organisation. The organisation of the was well done, and most sessions were quite interesting. Not only the big plenary sessions (i will talk about them later, but also the smaller sessions where nice. Particularly, it was nice to see some sessions on patient and caregiver centers research. This theme fits well with our “Schalganfall Betroffene hilfen forschen” project, where people affected by stroke (both patients and their caregiver, help us in identifying the need, value and possible ROI of some of our research plans.

The most striking things, as most of the times in conferences on with a strong clinical focus, were presented in the plenary sessions. The bottom line: endovascular treatment where doctors go in and try to pull out the blood clot, seem to be quite effective. This really could revolutionize the acute treatment for stroke patients. Think about the possibilities when we combine this concept with our STEMO?

I was involved in 3 posters that were presented at the ESOC. Their topics: cancer prevalence among stroke patients, coagulation FVIII as a risk factor for ischaemic stroke in young women, and the a history of pregnancy loss as a proxy of high stroke risk. These topics are being converted to articles and the moment we have them published I will get into the details of them. The CERHIS team from the CSB also had another 3 posters, showing our results of evaluation of the user group, the service point and an evaluation of how standardised education of stroke sticks with a lay public.

Next to these posters of work almost finished, I had a lot of conversation about work to be done. All these things to investigate, and so little time! Back to work!

Next meeting to attend: ISTH in Toronto!