CSB Virchow stipend

Are you a young researcher? Want to learn epidemiology? In Berlin? By doing a research project on stroke? Then boy, have I got news for you. The Center for stroke research has made funds available for young scientist to visit Berlin and work on a epidemiological project. From the website strokecenter.de

The Center for Stroke research Berlin (CSB) started the CSB – Virchow Stipend to encourage young stroke researchers to broaden or deepen their knowledge of epidemiology in the field of cerebrovascular disease through the execution of an epidemiological project. The stipend is aimed to stimulate (inter)national collaborations and therefore applicants are encouraged to collaborate with a CSB researcher on a joint project that can be executed during the stay in Berlin.

The stipend allows the awardee to travel to Berlin to work at the CSB for up to 3 months. The stipend covers all costs related to this visit with a maximum of € 4000 (€ 1000 for travel and 3 × € 1000 for accommodation).

Enthusiastic? Apply now for the first round (deadline is 12.12) or perhaps wait for the next call! Please find more information here.