Today I got a letter stating that I have fulfilled all requirements for my BKO certificate. “BKO” is the Dutch acronym of the University Teaching Qualification certificate. It is the cornerstone of a nationwide effort to ensure that all teachers at the university have a basic understanding of everything related to teaching. Or, as is stated at the website of the Leiden University

Good teaching is of critical importance to the University. Good teaching is a skill in itself and it is one that you must develop and maintain. Only then can the University offer the quality that students deserve. The Dutch universities therefore introduced the University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) in 2008. The UTQ is a mark of quality for lecturers who have thus proven that they have mastered the craft. It is a basis from which they can further develop their skills. Show what you can do!


Although it is a bit of a hassle to do all courses and assignments, I believe that ensuring a basic teaching quality for university teachers is in principle a good thing… But is “BKO” enough? Only time will tell.