Leaving Berlin, returning to Leiden

Minerva, patron of the Leiden University, photographed by Erwin Olaf (collectie Lakenhal)

It is time.

After almost six years in Berlin, it is time to move on. And when I say move on, I mean move back to Leiden to work at my old Alma Mater, the University of Leiden / Leiden University Medical Center. The move is mainly driven by personal reasons – it will be great for my family to be closer to our friends and extended families.

But there is also an exciting job waiting for me focussed around the theme of the Quality and Integrity of science. For 50% of my time, I will be appointed as an assistant professor at the department of clinical epidemiology and set up a Q&I (meta)research line. The other 50% of my time, I will be working at the “directorate of research”, the team that supports LUMC researchers in general and the dean specifically. I will be responsible for the new program “Quality and Integrity of science”. The idea behind that program is that I will come up, execute and evaluate several interventions – big and small, some visible, some not – to improve science is executed at the LUMC.

I cannot provide any details, as they are simply not yet known. First, it is time to wrap up up my different projects here, all whilst working under corona pandemic circumstances. That makes these last weeks bittersweet – looking forward to a new chapter, whilst realizing what a great time I had in Berlin. I learned so much, was able to do so many things, and worked with so many interesting and smart people.

I will miss Berlin dearly.