MTV study also in Mare

Another article on the first results from the MTV study, this time an interview in the university newspaper Mare. The senior author, prof Schipper, is interviewed and the necessary nuance is conveyed in a great way. The reporter suggest that helmet should be mandatory based on these results, but Schipper responds with that “with this amount of morbidity and mortality it is advisable to wear a helmet”, so also speaking from here experience as trauma surgeon. The combination of science and clinical experience is critical in this interview: the reporter links the idea of a single victim of a  MTV crash to its injuries, which we have done for approx 33500 patients. The reporter Bart Braun continues along this line and describes our somewhat unexpected finding: the morbidity and mortality among light moped crash victims is highest, especially when one considers the head injuries. The notion that the results are only applicable to those who are admitted to the hospital is also neatly conveyed. In short – a job well done! The complete article can be found in the media section of this website.